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Grace and Compassion

By: Kim Scott

Photo by Artem Sapegin on Unsplash

As I’ve mentioned in my recent video check-in, I am trying my very best to ease into 2024 and so far, I think I’m doing well! How about you?

I’ve been working on my vision and values for Spots of Time for 2024.

I enjoy strategic planning because it guides me and gives me laser focus and direction as I make decisions about topics and how I think God is inspiring me to grow our audience and increase our visibility. I have also been working on new content for upcoming episodes! 

For fun, we’ve enjoyed some family game nights and movie nights. Gary and I are having fun cheering on the football teams in the playoffs…there have been some surprising wins and losses. The Super Bowl is a big deal for us and it’s so crazy that we are here in Nevada and so are tons of out-of-towners for the Super Bowl this year! We’re planning to have our very own watch party at home!

Gary and I also enjoy watching award shows. So far this month, we have enjoyed the Golden Globes and the Emmys.

If you listened to my most recent episode, you will have learned that I love commencement speeches. Well, I also enjoy award acceptance speeches.

There have been several good ones but one really struck me. It was delivered by Steven Yeun who is an actor and he was thanking his character for

“teaching [him] that judgment and shame is a lonely place but grace and compassion is where we can all meet.”

Upon hearing this, I immediately typed it in my notes app on my phone. I want it as a constant reminder. I might even include this idea in my values for Spots of Time.

Though I didn’t articulate it in this way, this is the lesson of my life. I lived for many years in self-judgment and shame which leads to judgment and shame of others.

I can attest that it is a lonely place.

It hinders trust and openness and acceptance of self and of others resulting in putting up barriers and cutting oneself off from relationships.

Thankfully, God has called me into his grace and compassion. I experience it first-hand and I believe I share it with others.

At least I try and for sure, I know that this brings us to a common place where we can share our hurts, our fears, our doubts, even our accomplishments, and our joy.

As I listen to this week’s episode, Relinquishing the Pursuit of Perfection, and next week’s episode, A Work in Progress, I am truly grateful for the gift of grace and compassion in my life and hope that I am a voice of grace and compassion for you.

As we enter into this political year, may we steer from judgment and shame because as we know that can only divide…and may we experience, embrace, and extend grace and compassion to all - the right, the left, and the moderate.


Empower Hope and Healing.


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