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Updated: Oct 10, 2023

By: Kim Scott

Did you know each one of us is created for a unique purpose? What’s yours?

My purpose is to empower hope and healing.

When I look back over my journals, even those from more than 30 years ago, this has been a constant theme. God has been breathing this truth into my spirit throughout my entire life.


My Story

As a child, I lived in a tumultuous environment where most of the time, I was afraid. I walked on eggshells, was careful of what I said, how I looked, and the way I responded. I never asked questions - questions were dumb. Once I asked a question and my father responded, “What, are you stupid?” That was the last question I ever asked.

At twelve years old, my parents, who were separated at the time, informed me that we were moving some 2500 miles to California. My parents were separated because my father would drink himself into an angry stupor and beat my mother. Sometimes he would beat me. I felt hopeless.

In college, I moved away. I was finally free. But this is where I would quickly learn that the color of my skin incited hate, unkindness, and cruelty. This is also where I learned that drugs and alcohol numbed the pain of my life. I was not free…perhaps even more bound than when I was living at home. I was broken from many unhealed wounds.

During my early 20’s, I “lived” in any bookstore’s self-help section. I read everything. I tried everything. All in search of hope and healing. I even spent quite a bit of time in psychotherapy trying to talk through my brokenness in search of hope and healing. .

On the day of my 26th birthday, my faith and my relationship with God was restored. I’ll share more about my conversion moment at a later date. But, this was a turning point.

I realized that the hope and the healing I was looking for and so desperately needed was found within my own being.

It is the Holy Spirit who gives us hope and healing if we are open to it…and the Holy Spirit lives within each one of us.

I read the bible for the first time and realized it was a beautiful love story written just for me. My life was transforming and I wanted others to know the truth about why God created us.

God has marked us for a purpose. The purpose is to bring God’s love to others through us…through our personal mission using the gifts and talents that God has given us.

I wanted to help others discover this purpose and their mission.

During my career in Human Resources, I helped people understand their purpose. Ironically, it was usually during conversations about a performance improvement plan or being let go - fired. I wanted others to know that not meeting job expectations or losing one’s job did not define them as a failure.

Instead, I wanted them to reflect on the idea that perhaps they were not a match for the job because they were being called to pursue something else. Often as a result of these conversations, people realized they had downplayed their true passions and had settled into a job of convenience. As I handed them their final check, they hugged me and thanked me. WOW moments!

Those are inspiring memories. Those are moments of empowering hope and healing.

In my mid-forties, almost immediately after changing careers and working in ministry, I saw clearly that God had always been leaning in my direction. My daughter says this to describe the relationship I have with God:

“God favors you.”

I know this is true. I have seen and experienced God’s favor many times.

The truth of the matter is that God loves each and every one of us and I believe that God favors everyone…but sadly, I’m not sure everyone sees it in their life.

When I was in ministry, I met so many people - all ages, all ethnicities, all socio-economic levels - living with brokenness, unhealed wounds, sadness, and unfulfilled dreams.

As I listened to their stories, somehow God always showed up and reminded me of a lived experience where I could feel how they felt and could minister to them from a place of personal insight and understanding.

It was then that I began to more deeply understand my purpose in life.

I had worked hard to recover from experiences that could have broken me. The real work was building trust and faith in God. I trusted that God would heal my wounds and that I would find hope in him AND within myself.

Through my journey of life and faith, I found hope and healing and I desperately want others to experience that as well. Why? Because there’s freedom in hope and healing.

Believe me, I still have triggers…I still allow my wounds to hold me back…but I think that’s part of the journey home. It’s not until I get to my final destination that I will be fully free - wholly healed and hopeful to the nth degree.

Finding my purpose has unleashed how I live my life. I excel in projects where I am able to empower hope and healing. I feel a spirit-led energy, inspiration and confidence when I am empowering hope and healing.

Here’s the insight - I was desperately in need of hope and healing; I found it within myself. And now, I realize that my very need is also my unique purpose.

The Application

What is your purpose? What is your mission?

Have you discovered it?

Take a few “spots of time” to reflect, to consider, and to ask God about your purpose for this journey of life.

Keep in mind that as you walk through this journey of faith and life, your mission changes to continue fulfilling the purpose of sharing God’s love with others using the gifts and talents that God has given you.

Here are some reflection questions or statements to think about:

Finding your purpose takes time, stillness, reflection, and insight.

We all have a unique purpose. Someone once told me that if you don’t realize your life’s purpose, it doesn’t get done.

If you are struggling to find your purpose and are serious about uncovering it, hit CONTACT US to obtain information about our individual life coach consulting options and/or to schedule a retreat day for your group. This is our passion. We would be thrilled to walk with you and help you discover your purpose and mission.

Empower Hope and Healing.

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