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Tis the Season of Busyness!

By: Kim Scott

“There is an art to slowing down. In our busy world it is not easy to master this art, but it is necessary. Our lives have a habit of gathering a momentum of their own, plunging forward, with or without our consent.
Learn to slow down and access life. Take your foot off the accelerator and look about and within. Slow down.
Breathe deeply. Reflect deeply. Pray deeply. Live deeply.
Otherwise you will spend your life feeling like a bulldozer chasing butterflies or a sparrow in a hurricane.”
—The Rhythm of Life

This quote by author, Matthew Kelly, about the importance of slowing down is spot on with this week’s reflection on You Are Here. The episode recounts my obsession with busyness and my deep desire to grow in presence, taking in the little moments of every day.

I heard this once and I’ve shared this with others on more than one occasion that BUSY is an acronym for Being Under Satan’s Yoke. I know I don’t want to be under Satan’s yoke and I’m sure that those of you reading don’t either. No one does.

And yet, we continue to stack activity upon activity and we don’t realize what we’re doing until we find ourselves exhausted and spent.

It’s no coincidence that the Spirit ordained for our second episode to drop during this traditionally busy season of preparing for Christmas. It’s a season of excess spending, activities, eating, drinking, and many other indulgences.

Hopefully, the episode You Are Here serves as a reminder to slow down and to create an intentional balance for the season - a balance of parties, pleasures, presents, and prayer.

Additionally, it’s beyond uncanny that this episode drops just days after our daughter was in the midst of an active shooter incident on the campus of UNLV (University of Nevada, Las Vegas). SHE IS SAFE! Thanks be to God!

We have been processing through this and all of us have experienced a roller coaster of emotions.

When you come face to face with the real possibility of losing your child, a loved one, the gift of time becomes way more tangible than ever before.
I am vowing to walk through each day with intention…to be sure my family knows how much I love them and to use the gift of time to truly be fully present and to carve out time just to be together.

This season leading us to Christmas is referred to as “Advent” by many Christians. Advent means “coming” - so it’s a season of expectation, of waiting, of stillness calling us to perhaps reflect and prepare.

To reflect on the past year of our lives - how have we grown…and to prepare for the year ahead - what do we need or want to change in the coming year.

As it relates to the recent incident involving our daughter, it is also a reminder to reflect on relationships.

Have I said what I needed to say, have I told and shown loved ones that I love them and that they are important to me. How can I do this better in the new year?

And so I say…bring it on…bring on the baking, the shopping, the wrapping, the decorating, the parties…but also bring on the waiting, the stillness, and some time of inner presence so that we might recognize God’s PRESENCE in the season, in our lives, and in one another.

And one more thing…we all know darkness and evil exists in our world but when it comes for you in your own backyard and touches the very ones you love, you realize how desperately the world needs light and goodness.

May the PRESENCE of ourselves be a force and voice and a face of light especially for those in need of hope and healing.

You are here…in this season of busyness…

...may you take time out each day to look around, to look up, to breathe deeply, to pray, to love intentionally, and to empower hope and healing. Amen.

Empower Hope and Healing.


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1 Comment

Dec 10, 2023

Just what I needed to hear, thank you!

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