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Welcome to the

Spots of Time Podcast!

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When I tell people about my podcast, one of two questions are asked -  

“what are spots of time?” and “what is this podcast all about?”


So we thought we would share Our Story about how Spots of Time came into being.


Our Inspiration


William Wordsworth, a famous poet in the 18th century, wrote about “spots of time” in his poem, “The Prelude.” 

Wordsworth described “spots of time” as moments out of ordinary life…a time out in a positive sense, if you will. He said these “spots of time” are capable of enabling us to mount the mountains in our lives and lifting us up, especially when we have fallen or when we’re down.


He said these “spots of time” can bring a sense of peace and understanding and can nourish and repair our minds. 

Wordsworth Quote.png

I have had several significant “spots of time” throughout my life but one of the most recent was the “shelter in place” during the Covid-19 pandemic.


This is when I learned about Wordsworth’s “spots of time.” It was this time of stillness that lifted my spirits and nourished my mind and soul.  


During this time, I filled my days with walks in nature while listening to inspiring faith and thought leaders. 

It was from this place of refuge that I heard God’s voice clearly calling me to share my truth to empower hope and healing for others.  


As soon as I heard Wordworth’s “spots of time” idea, I knew this would be the name of my podcast.


In fact, the journal I kept during my furlough, I titled, “A Spot of Time.”


Even though God planted this dream and desire in my heart in 2020, the busyness of life and work got in the way of fulfilling this call.


Three years later, I find myself standing at the door of yet another season of life - “a spot of time” - and I know without doubt, this is the time to realize this dream. 

Our Podcast


The Spots of Time Podcast is for those who ultimately seek hope and healing and who want to nourish their mind and soul.


As a people, we move toward hope and healing and mind-soul nourishment through stillness and a little time of retreat and refuge from our crazy and chaotic world.


It’s in this sweet spot where we can lean into a bit of self-reflection inspired by stories of wisdom and insight from thought leaders, life coaches, and mentors.  

Kim Podcasting.png

I believe God has called me to use my energy and voice as a storyteller, dreamer, and bridge builder to empower hope and healing.


During each episode of Spots of Time, I share aspects of my lived experiences, wisdom, and learned insights.


We’ll cover topics such as

- Dreams and Doubts

- The Meaning of Life

- Finding Your Purpose

- The Gift of Life in the Midst of Grief and Loss

- Letting Go of the Pursuit of Perfection,

- Being a Vessel

- Forgiveness, just to name a few.

In some episodes, I talk to others about what they’re learning in their current season of life…and sometimes, we’ll talk about current events and what’s happening in our world today and how we all can empower hope and healing. 

Overall, my hope and my prayer is that Spots of Time will enable you to mount those mountains in front of you, to lift your spirit, inspire new thoughts, transform tired behaviors and attitudes, empower hope and healing…


and if nothing else, I hope it brings forth a little food for thought and perhaps some joy and laughter to your day.

 - Empower Hope and Healing. - 


Our Logo


We call our Logo, The Butterfly Effect. 

For many years now, people have referred to my ministry as the Butterfly Effect to describe how I strive to usher in soothing, life-giving and insightful messages often resulting in the transformation of others in thought and action.


This refreshed and renewed behavior has a ripple effect in the world as those who are transformed reach out to others from a place of nourishment and newfound hope. 

Our Logo is an abstract image of a butterfly.


Its hexagonal shape invokes the idea of a honeycomb, which symbolizes the protected space, home, and community that we are striving to provide to our Spots of Time family.


This honeycomb idea also encompasses the idea of honey - the flowing, soothing golden liquid - which is how my words have been kindly described by others.  

So, the center of the butterfly that is filled with a honey color represents and emphasizes a sort of refuge where you are poured into so that you can go out and share a bit of this nourishment with those you encounter. 

We also see the infinity symbol in our logo to represent that our journey is continuous, requiring continuous growth and self-discovery. This gives us the courage to embrace change and to seek new heights as we travel to our ultimate destination of eternal life. 

This is my hope for Spots of Time:


that we usher in life-giving and insightful messages leading us and others to continuous growth and self-discovery through a refuge of time where positive nourishment is received, bringing forth transformative peace and clarity and empowering hope and healing.

Development of our logo was created by 
Brynn Woodley of Brave Brynn Studio (




Listen, Read, Watch, Connect, Support

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