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Journey to New Life

By: Kim Scott

Photo by Kent Pilcher on Unsplash

At this point in the journey to Easter, the Feast Day of Hope, we only have a week and half left. How is your Lenten journey? Are you still unhealed and hopeless? Are you still thirsting for the Living Water? Are you still blind? Are you still walking in darkness?

Irenaeus (2nd century bishop) said,

"God is [us] fully alive!"

What work is left to do to be fully alive? This is the work of Lent - to uncover and bring to the light all that keeps us from being fully alive, from being an alleluia people!

God is waiting and wants to take all of your burdens, all of your mess, all of your unhealed hurts. Trust him…there is no better time than now.

In just a little more than a week, we will commemorate Jesus’ walk to Calvary and his Passion and death on the cross. Bring all your brokenness, your doubt, your troubles to the cross…lay them down and crucify them with Jesus.

Don’t walk into Easter day still carrying the wounds and the hurts and the stuff that keeps you from walking in the light and love of Jesus.

Jesus went to the cross for us…he suffered and died for us.

Yes, in this life, we are called to carry our crosses but we must remember that Jesus is the ultimate Healer, Savior, Teacher, and Lover - let him heal you, save you, teach you, love you.

In these final days, hear him say to you, “what can I do for you?”

What would you say? What can he do for you as we take this final walk through Lent to new life?

I hear Jesus asking me, “Kim, what can I do for you?”

My reply is

“Free me from self-doubt; help me to see myself as made in your image. Cleanse me from all that holds me from being your light, your love, your mercy, your hope, your healing to all you bring to my path. Anoint me and give me a resurrected heart.”

Whatever your response, I lift up all of our responses and pleas and prayers to our good friend, Jesus.

And I pray that whatever is left for us to do, that God gives us the strength, the courage, and the grace to get it done so that we can show up and walk with our Lord to the cross, through the darkness and silence of the grave, to the light of new life and to the promise of HOPE on Easter and into the days remaining in our earthly life.

Empower Hope and Healing.


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